Charming Disaster

Performance Anxiety

21-05-2022 • 1 hr

Never in the history of this podcast has a band’s name been so apropos. Ellia Bisker & Jeff Morris of Charming Disaster join me. They were charming. I was the disaster. This is actually the second attempt at a podcast with the goth-folk duo. The original recording vanished into the ether. And once you give Charming Disaster a listen, nothing could be more appropriate.

They tell me all about forming the band as a side project that quickly took over their other bands. Ellia ran away to join the circus at one point. Jeff talks about being in a band with a homeless man, bonding over dead cats, and playing in unusual venues like historic cemetaries, abandoned mines, and the interesting alternatives to the band name Charming Disaster.

They’ve released a new concept album based on a graphic novel about Marie Curie. It’s called Our Lady of Radium and it’s so unique; just like Charming Disaster themselves. Follow them on social media. They’re pretty easy to find. You can get the album on bandcamp or their website,

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