The Trypes

Performance Anxiety

14-06-2022 • 43 mins

If anything good came out of the pandemic, it was projects like the release by The Trypes. I’m joined by founding members John Baumgartner and Marc Francia. The guys talk about how the band formed with the goal of recording one 45 for a local jukebox. But they DO have connections to the influential band The Feelies. They also discuss some of the more unusual aspects of the band, like using a wind-driven keyboard and an experimental 360 degree surround sound effect. The band was only active for about three years. This new release celebrates the band’s 40th anniversary and expands on the original album by adding some live tracks and a couple of songs from a brief reunion a few years ago. It’s amazing that a band that was only around for a short time in the early 80’s got a new life through Spotify. The album is available digitally and on CD through Pravda or Bandcamp. A gatefold vinyl release will be available in the coming months. Follow The Trypes on social media. But make sure it's The Trypes from NJ, not Greece. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on social media. You can help support the show with a coffee at, picking up merch at, or even just a review wherever you listen. I hope you enjoy John Baumgartner & Marc Francia from The Trypes on Performance Anxiety on the Pantheon Podcast Network.