Kevin Mellon (Archer, Hit-Monkey)

Performance Anxiety

20-07-2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

We have a bit of a different episode this time. Kevin Mellon joins the show. And while he DOES have a new EP out called Songs From The Giant’s Chair, there’s a lot more to him than that. He is a comic book creator and a storyboard artist for Archer, Hitmonkey, & The Vampire Diaries. We start of discussing our mutual love of Failure but move into his comic and musical influences like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mark Lanegan, and Phil Collins era Genesis. Kevin explains why he decided against college to attend a place called the Kubert School, how he got into storyboarding, and exactly what a storyboard artist does. He also talks to me about how many albums he wrote and discarded before releasing his new EP. Pick up Songs From The GIant’s Chair wherever you get music. Follow him @mellonmusic on Instagram or Kevin Mellon on Bandcamp. Check out Follow us @PerformanceAnx on social media. Support the show with a review, some coffee at, or merch at Now get ready for a very unique story and an all around great guy with Kevin Mellon on Performance Anxiety on the Pantheon Podcast Network.