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Principal's Five Tips to Successfully School From Home
Apr 29 2020
Principal's Five Tips to Successfully School From Home
St Michael’s College, Merrimac Principal, Anthony Elmore has come up with five important tips for parents and students that will help learners in the current at home online learning environment.These tips were formulated after paying close attention to the new learning arrangements, during the first couple of weeks back at school for term two.“Firstly, have yourself a structure, a structure that works for you,” Principal Elmore explained in the podcast above.“Secondly, you don't need to be engaged in five hours of online learning each day, because learning online is different.“If you think of the structure within a classroom, it's very different to the structure online.“And so, it's about setting realistic expectations for your own learning. “Thirdly, for students from any school, in any environment, the key is reach out to your teachers for support.“Every teacher in every school is waiting to support you.  “Fourthly, and very importantly, take regular breaks.“Take care of yourself, take care of your own well-being.“Do have regular exercise, regular self-care so that you're looking after your entire self.“Yes, your academic progress is important, but the care of yourself is very, very important. “My final tip, the fifth tip to round it out for our students would be stay connected. “Stay connected to your friends, stay connected to your community, because in five short weeks, hopefully, we will all be back together in our school communities, and so staying connected is a very important thing for our students,” Principal Elmore concluded.If you have any questions or concerns around schooling from home, regardless of the school you or your child attends, you are welcome to reach out to the college and they will help you out - the show