Episode 1: Why Drum Hangs?

Drum Hangs

08-01-2022 • 14 mins

Welcome to episode 1 of Drum Hangs reflections. Join our co. founder Russ Gleason over a cup of tea and learn more about the story of Drum Hangs.

During the pandemic, Drum Hangs helped to connect thousands of drummers from over 45 countries around the world with their heroes. These intimate, private, broadcasts enabled real-time interaction which made people feel less isolated at what was a difficult time.

There were so many truly magical moments at the hangs and also wonderful stories whilst organising the hangs, that it would be tragic not share this information. However, nothing was recorded in true respect of the artists appearing with us; you simply had to be there.

Perhaps never before in the music industry has one person had so much contact with the world's greatest drummers in such a short space of time, so we feel that now is the time to share some of the information and insights.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this series and will join Russ for future episodes as the story of Drum Hangs unfolds.