Stones throw, 70s breaks, Tape style beats (Underground Funk)

Underground House, Funk, Techno

Apr 16 2019 • 54 mins

Stones Throw, 70s Breaks, Tape Style Beats (Underground Funk)

Underground Funk pt 2, Stones Throw vs 70s flavor. Chunky beats, 70s funk, modern breaks, edits, quasi-remixes – keeping as stanky as I can. Your host is Diplomatic Enjoy aka Pete Burquette. Minimal talking – DJ mix focus. Episode 5 in the UHFT series…

(00:00) - Compared To What - Roberta Flack
(05:00) - Alright Hear This - Beastie Boys
(07:56) - Carnaval '74 - DJ Harrison
(09:13) - The Space Program - A Tribe Called Quest

Alright Hear This - classic album "Ill Communications". Compared to What is singer/piano player Robert Flack, a song written by Gene McDaniels, which can be found on a 1969.

(12:20) - Kid for Today (Stereolab Mix) - Boards of Canada
(13:40) - Stay Fresh - J Rocc #stonesthrow J Rocc is Stones Throw from an album called "Some Cold Rock Stuf"

(14:54) - Gross - Jonwayne
(17:10) - Socially Awkward - Kiefer
(19:00) - I don't know (instrumental) - Slum Village
(20:09) - Tom Toms - Karriem Riggins

Slum Village is Dilla beats. Jonwayne, Kiefer and Karriem Riggins are all on on Stones Throw Record, who are all about the knock, on the two and the four. There was a little bit of Sir Joe Quartman's "I'm a Young Man" beat to tie two songs together.

(21:30) - The Hands Of Time - Perfect Circle
(25:20) - Mind Power Interlude ((Diplomatic Enjoy remix)
(26:32) - Funky Generation - The Everyday People (Diplomatic Enjoy remix (or nip and tuck))
(30:18) - Mind Power - James Brown (DE Edit)

(33:15) - Everybody Groove - Mighty Ryeders ((Diplomatic Enjoy remix)
(35:15) - Sweet Love - Samuel Jonathan Johnson
(37:20) - Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man - Dub Mixx
(40:22) - Bra - Cymande
(45:00) - (I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind - Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul #70sfunk

Music From: Beastie Boys, DJ Harrison, A Tribe Called Quest, Cornershop, Roberta Flack, Boards of Canada, Stereolab, J Rocc, Karriem Riggins, Jonwayne, Kiefer, Slum Village, J Dilla, Ramsey Lewis, The Perfect Circle, James Brown, The Everyday People, Mighty Ryeders, Samuel Jonathan Johnson, Public Enemy, Cymande and Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

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Cover image: Karriem Riggins

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