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Jun 10 2019 • 1 hr

EP 06. Pure techno. Minimal talking, DJ mix focus…


Welcome to Underground Techno, this is Diplomatic Enjoy aka Pete Burquette. It's pure techno this episode, nothing but underground.

The first song you hear was "Rote 2", a collaboration between Daniel Avery and "Vult Fass", out on Vult Fass's "Bleed" label.

And the song crashing into it right now is "Cubismo 8.3" by Architectural, also out on Architectural records.

As you can hear, this is beat-matched live and fairly raw, the emphasis is on energy, or whatever you're having. Tchuss!

(00:00) – Rote 2 - Rote (BleeD)
(02:35) – Cubismo 8.3 - Architectural (Architectural)
(06:30) – Remember In Reverse - Simian Mobile Disco (Delicacies)
(10:25) – Turnhalle - Barker and Baumecker (Ostgut Ton)

Normally I'd hear a mouse move a pebble in the garden, but in this case sure if the mouse is having the craic, let him have it.

(13:15) – When The Sun - Terence Fixmer (Electric Deluxe)
(16:35) – Aztec chant (tessela remix) - Peverelist (Livity Sound)
(18:55) – Revelations in Dust - Deadbeat (BLKRTZ)
(22:00) – Sole Star - Polar Inertia (Dement3d Records)
(27:30) – Void 23 (Carl Craig Re Edit) - Appleblim & Ramadanman (Aus Music)

Carl Craig is not only one of original innovators of techno, but has continued to put incredible tunes over the years, and has never lost his touch. Check out pretty much anything by him, you can't lose.

Polar Inertia is Voiski's alter ego. I'm going through a bit of a Polar Inertia phase at the moment

(30:00) – Mzuzu Chant - Martinez (Cadenza)
(33:00) – Thought Palace - Heathered Pearls (Ghostly International)
(34:20) – Senses On Fire - James Holden Remix - Mercury Rev (V2)

(41:00) – 99.9 (John Selway Remix) - Koenig Cylinders (Exacta.udio, 2002)
(45:46) – Bad Hands, Pt. 2 - Surgeon (Dynamic Tension Records, 2007)
(48:10) – Nasty Silence - Moderat (BPitch Control, 2009)

(49:50) – Take A Shot - DJ Hell vs. Richard Bartz (Kurbel, 1997)
(55:10) – Viva Sub Mids - Skee Mask (Ilian Tape)

Take A Shot - from Grössenwahn album, which is German for Megalomania

From Compro LP - he has another LP called Shred. Munich lad from the Ilian Tape record label

Labels: BleeD, Architectural, Delicacies, Ostgut Ton, Electric Deluxe, Livity Sound, BLKRTZ, Dement3d Records, Aus Music, Cadenza, Ghostly International, V2, Exacta.udio, Dynamic Tension, BPitch Control, Kurbel, Ilian Tape

Songs in this mix (or ones like them) can be found in the Underground Techno playlist on Spotify primarily – http://spoti.fi/2ENC0di but also Youtube and Deezer.

Cover is called “Rave Mask”

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