Disco Social Clubbin Dirt Crew (Underground House, EP09)

Underground House, Funk, Techno

May 12 2020 • 47 mins

Disco Social Clubbin Dirt Crew (Underground House, EP09)

Hi this is Pete Burquette, also known as Diplomatic Enjoy, and this boy is Underground House.

(00:00) – 1st track is called ”Fling Cleaning” by Junktion on the Razor n Tape label.
(03:11) – Song by Black Loops called ”Suki” which is the Japanese for Like. Toy Tonic records.
(06:29) – ”She's All Right” by Paxton Fettel (APersonal)

(10:58) – ”Jubilee” by Lorenz Rhode (Dirt Crew Recordings). Jubilee is short for Jubilation Lee, one of the X-Men. Mutant. known to her friends as Jubes, or firecracker. she has the power to explode matter at a subatomic level, generating bursts of plasma. Good party trick
(14:30) – ”Times Get Tough” by the Revenge (Dirt Crew)
(18:33) – ”Roach Fingers” by Jesse Bru (Egoplanet)

(20:58) – ”Native Riddim” by Coeo (Toy Tonics), spelt in the Jamaican stylee, presumably they wrote that sweltering in the heat, lolling in a hammock
(23:31) – ”All the Reasons” by Sweely (Distant Hawaii)
(26:12) – ”Work Out Right” by The Revenge (Dirt Crew)

(29:06) – ”Queens Bridge” by Borrowed Identity (Lumberjacks in Hell)
(33:10) – ”Groove On” by Borrowed Identity (Tenderpark)
(36:48) – ”Love U Mama” by Maceo Plex (Crosstown Rebels), the weather is fine and there is a build in 5k frequencies

(39:00) – ”Music People” - Moodymann (Moodymann) based on a sample of (43:00) Mass Production's ”Welcome to our World” and ”Original Disco Motion” by Faze Action
(43:00) – ”9:15” by Hnny (Yummy)

Songs in this mix (or ones like them) can be found in the ”Underground House (Underground House (deep feels, funk, electronic Soul))” playlist on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud

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