Headphone Cloud Party, Boogie in Smallville - Underground House, EP10

Underground House, Funk, Techno

Aug 14 2020 • 39 mins

Headphone Cloud Party, Boogie in Smallville - Underground House, EP10

Hi this is Pete Burquette, aka Diplomatic Enjoy, rolling out the Underground House tent.

(00:00)”Aviator” by Jesper Ryom on Power Plant Records
(02:06)”High Energy” by Ross From Friends on Ostgut Ton
(04:30)”Got2B” by Move D on Hybrid Minds

(07:29)”Ya never know” by Moomin on Closer (which I think might be his own label?)
(09:55)”Orchid” by Dj Kush Boogie on Lobster Theremin
(12:25)”From Disco to disco” by Whirlpool Productions - this needs explanation! It sounds like they fired up the tape recorder after a serious night on the town that wasn't ending anytime soon

(16:20)”If you want it” by Park Hye Jin on Clipp.Art a cool little Australian label, I think they're Australian, maybe they're orbiting the Earth and distributing from there.
(18:10)”On my side” by Adryiano on Soul Notes
(21:10)”Ivoire” remixed by Folamour on Umami, original track is by Kio Amachree from 1981

(23:50)”Handsome Frank” by Oskar Offermann & Moomin by White, which is Oskar's Berlin label
(26:10)”Baustelle” by Black Loops on Neovinyl Recordings (a Barcelona-Berlin label)
(29:05)”Sixth Sense” by Josh Wink and Ursula Rucker, remixed by Louie Vega on Philadelphia's Ovum Recordings owned by Mr Wink and King Britt of Digable Planets.

(31:30)”Blazing” by Cubenx on Infiné
(34:40)”Last Home” by Yulia Niko on Rebellion

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