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Dec 5 2019 • 1 hr 3 mins

EP 08. Funk and Hip hop this episode…

Welcome to episode 8 of Underground House, Funk n Techno podcast, I'm Pete Burquette, this is Underground Funk.

Got 23 funk and hip hop tunes, of which there are 10 edits, 4 remixes and 1 unreleased track.  All new spins …

(00:00)– Them Changes - Thundercat (Brainfeeder) (DE Edit)
(02:45) – Do It - Beastie Boys (Grand Royal Records)
(05:58) – Chilled. by Speechless (Speak less, Listen More)

(07:10) – In Flux by DJ Shadow (Island Records) (DE Edit) - Released before ”Endtroducing” was released, set the template. I'm playing an edited down, sped up version of it, as the original is 12 minute long epic, more for home listening and space travel, and is really good.
(12:40) – Stepping Into Tomorrow - Madlib (Blue Note Records) (DE Edit) - classic ”Shades of Blue” album. I've done a DJ edit of it here, but the song itself is a reworking of Donald Byrd's 1974 song of the same name.
(18:00) – Erykahs Gun - DJ Harrison Stashboxxx album on Ropedope label

(18:55) – Just Kissed My Baby - The Meters (DE Remix) Rhino, Reprise, Warner Records (and other record labels too). It's the Meters, so it's like trying to find a source for the Bible … in this case, of FUNK
(22:49) – Cabaceira BY FloFilz (Melting Pot Records)
(24:22) – While You Doooo - Teebs (Brainfeeder records)

(26:02) – Vibrations - Al Dobson Jr. (Rhythm Section International)
(27:54) – Break - Jurassic 5 (Interscope Records) From the classic Power In Numbers album
(31:00) – You've Heard - Daedelus (All City Records from Dublin, Ireland) (DE Edit)

(33:13) – Hell Yes - Beck (Interscope) on Guero album (DE Edit)
(36:11) – Wider, Git Hub - Ratgrave who are Max Graef, Julius Conrad (Apron Records)
(38:34) – Do It (till you're satisfied) by B.T. Express (Roadshow Records) (DE Remix)

(43:28) – Beatless Reunion - Diplomatic Enjoy Unreleased track by me. Actually made to have a beatless start and end for an earlier version of this mix, like a mix tool, but ended up doing the mix differently but still keeping the track in
(46:00) – B Boys Will B Boys - Black Star (Rawkus Entertainment) (DE Edit).
(48:35) – Bubble and Slide (Nightmares on Wax Remix of Sabres of Paradise (DE Edit) on Warp Records

(52:34) – Jazz 104 by Max Graef (Tartelet Records) (DE Edit). Jazz 104 is a reworking of ”Popular Instruments” by Paul Parrish and James Lansing sound, a cool find, where I think this is the drummer of Bread on a hi-fidelity system demonstration record, which I think used to come with the 1st component home stereo systems! I combined both of these tracks so there's a drum intro, so that I could then DJ blend.
(54:05) – Party Pts 1 and 2 - Midnight Movers from their Follow The Wind album on Buddah Records. This is a lost classic where no version exists of this on Spotify and no good vinyl copies exist anywhere, so I was lucky to be able to pull a remix out of it by playing a new bass, drum parts, etc while keeping as much of the original as possible. I almost gave up, but I think has ended up being the edit or remix I like the most.
(57:40) – Beep It by Japanese legend Cornelius from his/their 'Sensuous' album (DE Edit). I saw these play live in Sydney, Australia, a while back, they were excellent.

(1:02:27) – Power to the People - Public Enemy (Def Jam Recordings) (DE Remix) This is basically the instrumental version of Power to the People with extra percussion added in, different mastering, it's kind of a remix. The original is on the deluxe version of Fear of a Black Planet, which if you like Public Enemy has lots of little intrumentals and alternative versions, all of which stand well on their own right because of the Bomb Squad's, PE's production team, ”wall of samples” production approach.

Songs in this mix (or ones like them) can be found in the ”Underground Funk (Afro soul, 70s, beats, breaks, stones Throw)” playlist on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Deezer

Cover is Mr. Sly Stone

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