Upbeat Neo Vinyl, Swimming Downstream, Underground House, EP11

Underground House, Funk, Techno

Mar 1 2021 • 51 mins

Upbeat Neo Vinyl, Swimming Downstream - Underground House, EP11

Hi I'm Pete Burquette, also known as Diplomatic Enjoy, and you are listening to the Underground House Funk n Techno podcast. The 1st song is by Session Victim called Never Forget on the Delusions of Grandeur label. I'll let the music take over the controls, back in a litte bit

(00:00) – ”Never Forget” by Session Victim on Delusions of Grandeur
(02:03) – ”Can't Die, Soul Singer…” by Diplomatic Enjoy
(05:06) – ”Lovelee Dae (Original)” by Blaze on Classic Music Company
(10:01) – ”Higher African Rhythms” by Diplomatic Enjoy

Lovelee Dae is a total house classic - is this the best house song of all time? This is the original mix not remastered or anything like that. There're been many mixes of this song, but it basically the original can't be improved on - bar the odd snippet edit I've done here, which doesn't really count as anything.

There's just something about the melancholic singing, which beautifully juxtaposes the strident house beat beneath. This is a real 6am song, the sun coming up, grab the morning paper and a big dirty baguette sandwich.

The song before this was Can't Die, Soul Singer by Diplomatic Enjoy and yes that is moi. I starting doing DJ mixes to begin with (not just a love of music, and because I was finding so much cool music) but also to white label try out my own tracks to see if I got it right.

11th episode of this podcast, I finally got two that fit the bill. This white label approach is how pretty much all house n techno gets exercised, sitting amongst the classics seeing how it behaves.

If anyone has any feedback on the podcast at all feel free to DM me at diplomaticenjoy on Instagram, let me know what you think. The next track is another white label, not out yet called, Higher African Rhythms but I could well change the name by the time I release it…

(14:12) – ”Trespassers” by Newworldaquarium on Delsin
(18:50) – ”Higher” by Black Loops on Neovinyl
(22:45) – ”Fresh” by Daft Punk on Soma/Virgin

This is of course Daft Punk from their legendary Homework album released on Soma and Virgin. Soma is the original Scottish label run by the lads from Slam, a techno duo.

Before that was Higher by Black Loops on Neovinyl, a label who seem defunct at the moment. I say come back! I love the mastering that the Neovinyl guy Baldo does, he's done all the good Black Loops ones I M O.

And before that again you heard another house classic Trespassers by Newworldaquarium, which brilliantly samples Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil 77 - "the Real thing".

All these songs and songs like em are on the ever revolving "Underground House" playlist , I think I'm calling it "Underground House (black loops, moodymann, soul, funk" … a catchy name you're totally gonna remember. Not helped by the fact that I change the name all the time. It's the one with people at a festival on the cover.

I think in order to be found through search on Spotify you need to be famous, but I completely forgot my famous badge on my tent. I'll go back and get it now

(25:43) – ”Casa(Axel Boman Dub Mix)” by Dinky on Crosstown Rebels
(27:10) – ”Not Seeing Is A Flower” by Lone on Ancient Astronauts
(30:55) – ”Verloren” by Computer Data on Lost Palms (a sub label of Shall Not Fade)

This is Verloren by Computer Data on Lost Palms label, which is a sub-label of Shall Not Fade. This in itself is a sub-label of Will Totally Shrink in the Wash. featuring I'm gonna have to lose some weight if I'm gonna fit into that again.

Before that was Not Seeing a Flower by Lone on Ancient Astronauts. See the flower people, see the flower. Unless you're allergic to that kind of thing, in which case, avoid the flower completely.

And before that was Axel Boman's Dub Mix of Dinky's Casa. That was released on Crosstown Rebels. I'm pretty sure that the vocal sample was that of everyone's favourite sketchy uncle, Timothy Leary, who consumed enough acid in his time to become his own planet and currently orbiting the sun at 55,000 miles an hour.

(35:48) – ”Back in the Days” by Coeo on Toy Tonics
(39:20) – ”Street Disco” by Lux Experience on Masterworks Music
(43:41) – ”Wan Poku Moro(Onur Ozer Remix)” by 2000 And One on 100% Pure

This is the Onur Ozer Remix of 2000 And One's "Wan Poku Moro" on 100% Pure.

Before that was Street Disco by Lux Experience on Masterworks Music. Black Madonna made this song her own (I think it was a Boiler Room mix), although I notice no-one seems to mention the people who actually wrote the song originally, which was of course originally Disco Party in the Street by Mastermind.

I love their edit here, it's simple but very effective. It's actually hard to tell the difference.

Before that was Back in the Days by Coeo on Toy Tonics.

And the final song coming up is Feeling Good by Laurent Garnier and Chambray on Rekids.

(47:00) – ”Feelin' Good” by Laurent Garnier and Chambray on Rekids

I just noticed I've never asked anyone to subscribe. I never quite understood the please subscribe thing. If people want to subscribe, they know how to do that, they don't need me telling them to press the button!

I don't mind either way. As long as I don't know it's all good. Otherwise it's like leaving a dog in a car with the windows rolled up. Us podcast hosts need your attention, leave those windows rolled down so we can stick our heads out the window.

Till next time people, have a beautiful day!

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