Spending Time at. .. Grimmfest; Interviews (Part 4)

Spending Time With...

Mar 31 2023 • 0 seconds

The final October Grimmfest interviews as well as the feature lengh on stage chat between AJ Bowen (Youre Next Night Sky) Simeon Halligan (Habit, White Settlers) which Stuart was in attendance for and filmed/recorded. Grimmfest October 2022 was such a fun experience and Stuart hopes that the 4 episodes that he has put togethe rand which details much (but not all) of his experience hanging out with them has been fun for you. It certainly was for him. But there is more to come. In the coming weeks youll hear some of the coverage from Stuarts return visit to Grimmfest from November 2022. Check out https://frompage2screen.com/ for more content including reviews, competitions, interviews and movie news that you dont see everywhere else. Check out 'thegeekhouse' in groups on Facebook Video Content at https://www.youtube.com/frompage2screen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frompage2screen/ Stuarts Twitter: https://twitter.com/FromPage2Screen Grimmfests Twitter https://twitter.com/grimmfest