Spending Time With. .. Mick Garris

Spending Time With...

May 4 2022 • 0 seconds

This episode was recorded in September 2020 but it felt perfect to hold it off for Halloween. Speaking with filmmaker Mick Garris for this years Grimmfest Virtual Edition is one of my 2020 highlights and Mick was as lovely and open as I hoped he was. Letting me Ask Mick Anything wasnt an easy hour to fill as I had so many things Id love to have asked him, but timescales are a thing..and I couldnt be greedy so what youll hear in this episode is an hour conversation between myself and legenday Mick Garris. Many thanks to not only Mick of course, but also Grimmfest for arranging the conversation Check out https://frompage2screen.com/ for more content including reviews, competitions, interviews and movie news that you dont see everywhere else. No Bob this week as he is working his day job Stuarts Twitter: https://twitter.com/FromPage2Screen Mick's Twitter : https://twitter.com/MickGarrisPM Check out 'thegeekhouse' in groups on Facebook Video Content at https://www.youtube.com/frompage2screen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frompage2screen/