Spending Time at,,, Grimmfest Interviews (Part 2)

Spending Time With...

Feb 7 2023 • 0 seconds

I share my thoughts on Grimmfest Day Two, which I recorded back in October 2022 as part of their wonderful 4 day festival. In this episode I share my story about the 'no press day' which turned into a 'press day' and where I sat down in the coolest of warehouse rooms to chat with wwriter/director Karim Ouelhaj to talk about his film Megalomaniac which I had just watched before he and I spoke. Also featured in this episode as sort of translater for Karim, is Steve Balshaw, cheif programmer from Grimmfest. What youll hear here, is the full interview, both before we start, and a few minutes after we start. Enjoy it in all its uncut glory.