Spending Time With Composer Ross Power

Spending Time With...

Sep 28 2023 • 0 seconds

I always enjoy talking with those within the film world. I find their stories fascinating. I have spoken with dozens of actors, and directors, and writers over the years but not so many composers, those geniuses that create the music that help build the film world we give ourselves over to for a couple of hours. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with composer Ross Power whose most recent work can be hear in the new film Rise of the Footsoldier:Vengeance. Ross previously worked with the films director Nick Nevern in Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins and they worked so well together, Ross was back for the follow up film. Enjoy! ( I did) Check out https://frompage2screen.com/ for more content including reviews, competitions, interviews and movie news that you dont see everywhere else. Check out 'thegeekhouse' in groups on Facebook Video Content at https://www.youtube.com/frompage2screen If you like what the show does, you can donate to the patreon Page at patreon.com/fp2s or head to from2screen2screen.com and visit the tip jar link at the top of the page for a single one off donation (which goes towards helping the site and podcast create more projects)