Episode 31: Coach Dolan

Back to Life

15-10-2020 • 35 mins

On our journey of life, we have these little races that we start and finish. These races are
sometimes full of joy and happiness, but can also be full of sadness, challenges, and doubt.
And, it is in those moments where we really need to press on.
In today’s episode, Coach Steve Dolan, the director and the head coach of the cross country
and the track and field program at the University of Pennsylvania, provides some insight and
coaching on how to run those races in your life, especially in this time of the pandemic where
everything feels uncertain. Coach Dolan and Danny also talk about why positive self-talk is so
important, why we must look for silver linings in what's happening right now, and why we should
trust that the opportunities will come and that we have to prepare for it.
Join Danny in this inspirational episode to learn more about what you can do in certain times of
challenge and uncertainty.
Show Highlights:
● [01:31] Life is not a race. It’s a journey.
● [04:47] What the pandemic has done to the University of Pennsylvania cross country
and track & field team
● [05:58] Suppressing your frustration and upsetness as a leader
● [07:59] Coping with the changes in your own way
● [10:40] Making the best out of a challenging situation
● [11:12] Surrendering to something bigger than us
● [14:14] What can you do in times of challenge and uncertainty?
● [15:42] Why exercise is vital, especially in times of difficulty
● [16:47] Positive self-talk is so powerful
● [17:53] The power of Positive Psychology
● [18:59] The importance of habits and routines
● [21:05] The concept of having fun while chasing your potential
● [21:46] What can you do today to make yourself better?
● [23:15] What are you doing to move to your potential?
● [23:59] Looking for the silver linings in what’s happening right now
● [26:15] Trusting that opportunities will come, and preparing for them
● [30:11] Focusing on what you can control - There are things you can control, and there
are things you have to accept.
● [33:02] Valuing the chances to be with people and have experiences



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Coach Dolan’s quotes:
“What can we do to pull ourselves together, and say, what can we do with this situation?”
“I’ve been inspired by the response of our team.”
“I’ve been very impressed with the young people and how they’ve been resilient.”
“I’m confident there are a lot of brilliant people in this world, and there will be a vaccine, and
there will be a new day.”
“There are outlets for everybody.”
“There is some compassion to this because we’re all in this together.”