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‘I Just Need to Die,’ Nashville School Shooter Tells Instagram Friend Minutes Before Shooting Begins
‘I Just Need to Die,’ Nashville School Shooter Tells Instagram Friend Minutes Before Shooting Begins
A female shooter shot through the glass doors of a church school to gain access to the building. After breaking the glass, the shooter crawled through the lower portion of the door.  The 28-year-old transgender woman is seen pacing the hallway, heavily armed, as alarms are blaring. Six people were killed; three 9-year-old students and three faculty members. Police storm the building, then exchanged fire with Audrey Hale. Hale was killed. A manifesto was recovered, as was a map of the school detailing camera locations and surveillance entry points.   Joining Nancy Grace Today: Jason Oshins – New York Defense AttorneyDr. Teresa Gil - Professor of Psychology and Psychotherapist (over 25 years working with child abuse and trauma victim) and Author: "Women Who Were Sexually Abused as Children: Mothering, Resilience, and Protecting the Next Generation"Ken Trump - School Security Expert and Consultant, President of National School Safety and Security Services; Author: “Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning;" Twitter: @safeschools  Dr. Tim Gallagher - Medical Examiner State of Florida; Lecturer: University of Florida Medical School Forensic Medicine; Founder/Host: International Forensic Medicine Death Investigation Conference Leonard Romero - Forensic Firearms Examiner and Ballistics ExpertPayton Muse - Fox 17 Nashville Reporter; Twitter/Facebook: @PaytonMuseTV  See for privacy information.
Self-Declared Evil Stepmom  GUILTY  in freezing death of  8-year-old Thomas Valva
4d ago
Self-Declared Evil Stepmom GUILTY in freezing death of 8-year-old Thomas Valva
Emergency services are called to a New York home after reports of an unresponsive 8-year-old boy. His father says he fell in the driveway. Medical technicians and cops are suspicious considering the boy's body temperature is just 76 degrees. Thomas Valva dies and his policeman father and the stepmother are charged. Investigators say the couple left him overnight in a cold garage. The outside temperature was 19 degrees. Former NYPD Officer Michael Valva was convicted in his son's death and sentenced to 25 years to life. It took just five hours of deliberation for a jury to also find Angela Pollina.  guilty of all counts:  second-degree murder and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Joining Nancy Grace Today: James Shelnutt - 27 years Atlanta Metro Area Major Case Detective, Swat officer Lawyer www.ShelnuttLawFirm.comDr. Jeff Gardere - Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Prof of Behavioral Medicine at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Author: 'The Causes of Autism” @drjeffgardere Steven Lampley - Author, Speaker, Retired Police Officer and Undercover SVU Detective, Author, "12 and Murdered,", Scott Morgan - Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author, "Blood Beneath My Feet" featured on "Poisonous Liaisons" on True Crime Network Ray Caputo - Former Lead News Anchor for Orlando's Morning News, 96.5 WDBO   Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
5d ago
A Colorado dentist is charged with murder, accused of poisoning his wife, the mother of their 6 children. Police say James Craig bought arsenic and cyanide, and secretly poisoned his wife's protein shakes. Angela Craig had made many recent hospital visits, and checked into a hospital again, complaining of a severe headache and dizziness. At around 2 p.m. she had a seizure. Craig was then moved to ICU and placed on life support. Her condition quickly declined and she died.  After Craig's death, one of James Craig's co-workers told a nurse that the dentist had ordered potassium cyanide which was delivered to the office. There was no medical reason for the order. Police seized the husband's computer and found disturbing searches. It also came to light that James Craig had multiple affairs and a longstanding addiction to pornography, authorities said. Joining Nancy Grace today: Jarrett Ferentino - Pennsylvania prosecutor and principal at Pugliese, Finnegan, Shaffer & Ferentino; Facebook & Instagram: Jarrett FerentinoDr. Chloe Carmichael Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist, Author: ‘Nervous Energy: Harness The Power of Your Anxiety;" Twitter: @DrChloe Christopher Byers - Former Police Chief (Johns Creek Georgia- 25 years as Police Office); Private Investigator and Polygraph Examiner with Lancaster Information services in AtlantaDr. Maneesha Pandey  - Chief Forensic Pathologist for Forensic Pathologists LLC in Ohio; Board-certified Forensic PathologistJen Smith - Chief Reporter for; Twitter: @Jen_e_smith  See for privacy information.
6d ago
Cult mom Lori Vallow has pled not guilty to charges that she killed two of her children, JJ and Tylee. Now, Vallow says she can prove it. She has an alibi. Lori Vallow says that her 7-year-old and her 16-year-old were killed while they were at her late brother’s apartment.  Vallow's trial is set to get underway on April 3, 2023. The judge separated the trials of Lori Vallow and her husband Charles Daybell, as Daybell did not file for a speedy trial.   Vallow's alibi notice, filed with the court,  says she was in her own Rexburg apartment when Tylee and JJ died at the apartment where her brother, Alex Cox lived.     And in late-breaking news, the death penalty has been taken off the table in Vallow's case.  Joining Nancy Grace today: David Leroy - Attorney at Law (Boise, ID), Former Idaho Attorney General; Former Idaho Lieutenant Governor, & Former Prosecutor (Ada County); Facebook: BoiseCriminalDefense Caryn Stark - Psychologist; Twitter: @carnpsychRich Robertson - Arizona-based Private Investigator for Brandon Boudreaux and Larry & Kay Woodcock; Owner of R3 Investigations  Dr. Michelle DuPre - Former Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner, and Detective: Lexington County Sheriff's Department; Author: "Homicide Investigation Field Guide" & "Investigating Child Abuse Field Guide;" Forensic ConsultantNate Eaton - News Director; Twitter: @NateNewsNow, Instagram: @n.eaton See for privacy information.
BOMBSHELL TROUBLE FOR ALEX MURDAUGH: Teen Stephen Smith Death is Homicide
1w ago
BOMBSHELL TROUBLE FOR ALEX MURDAUGH: Teen Stephen Smith Death is Homicide
It has taken eight years but teen Stephen Smith's death will finally be investigated as a homicide. The Smith family has never believed that the 19-year-old's death was a hit and run as determined by a previous investigation. In just a week, the South Carolina mom raised more money through a GoFundMe account than what is needed to pay for the exhumation of Smith's body. Now, all that's needed is court approval. South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Chief Mark Keel notified Smith's attorneys that the agency now officially considers Smith's death a murder. Smith's body was found miles away from his car and lying in the middle of the road. At first, responders thought he had been shot in the head, but the death was designated as a hit-and-run.  Joining Nancy Grace today:  Eric Bland - Attorney for Sandy Smith & Gloria Satterfield’s sons- Founder/Partner  Bland, Richer, LLP Attorneys at Law; Twitter: @TheEricBland; Co-host of ‘Cup of Justice’ podcast.Ronnie Richter - Attorney for Sandy Smith, Satterfield family, and other victims of Alex Murdaugh; Partner, Bland Richter Law Firm; Twitter: @BlandRichterSCCaryn Stark - Psychologist; Twitter: @carnpsychChris McDonough - Director At the Cold Case Foundation, Former Homicide Detective, & Host of YouTube channel, ‘The Interview Room’Dr. Michelle DuPre - Former Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner, & Detective: Lexington County Sheriff's Department; Author: "Homicide Investigation Field Guide" & "Investigating Child Abuse Field Guide;" Forensic Consultant Blair Sabol - Investigative Reporter for Live 5 News in Charleston, SC, Twitter: @BlairSabolTVSee for privacy information.
Attorneys Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson have sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling for the White House to take action in Robinson's death.  The attorneys,  on behalf of mother Salamandra  Robinson, encourage the U.S. to extradite Shanquella's killer to Mexico or the U.S. takes jurisdiction of the case.  An FBI investigation is underway.   Shanquilla Robinson traveled from North Carolina to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with friends. It is one of those friends who stand accused in Robinson's death. According to a Mexican police report, a doctor was called to assist Robinson around 2 p.m. The doctor insisted on taking her to the hospital, but her friends refused.    According to Robinson's death certificate, she died from a severe spinal cord injury and a broken neck. Doctors call the injury an internal decapitation. A video surfaced after Robinson death showing her being beaten by one of the traveling friends. The documents submitted to the White House named the friend and calls for her to be extradited to face charges.  Joining Nancy Grace today: Salamondra Robinson - Victim's Mother,  Sue-Ann Robinson- Attorney for the Robinson family; Twitter: @notjustalawyer Dr. Bethany Marshall - Psychoanalyst (Beverly Hills, CA); New Netflix Show: 'Bling Empire' (Beverly Hills); Twitter: @DrBethanyLive  Irv Brandt - Senior Inspector, US Marshals Service International Investigations Branch, Chief Inspector, and DOJ Office of International Affairs: US Embassy Kingston, Jamaica;  Author: “SOLO SHOT: CURSE OF THE BLUE STONE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON; ALSO "FLYING SOLO: Top of the World;" Twitter: @JackSoloAuthorDr. Kendall Crowns - Chief Medical Examiner for Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), Lecturer for University of Texas Austin and Texas Christian University Medical School Brandon Hamilton- Anchor/reporter for WBTV Charlotte; Twitter: BHAMonTV See for privacy information.