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A podcast for spiritual seekers & self healers who know they are here for "something more".  A place for the sweet souls who are brave enough to go on the life long journey of spiritual expansion and self mastery while remaining so connected to the ridiculousness of the human experience. For the ones who are willing to let go of perceived perfection of the spiritual path and make a mess while they go on the quest to find what it truly means to live a life in alignment with conscious connection, big passion, and soul purpose.

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Going rogue on life with Andrea Segal
Going rogue on life with Andrea Segal
On this weeks episode we welcome on our first guest! Andrea is a Channel, Coach, and Integration Teacher.  After healing her addiction 8 years ago via trauma healing modalities, she then received formal training at Naropa University in Boulder, CO where she completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling. Andrea’s greatest passion is supporting individuals to heal, love, and integrate all parts of themselves. Using integration modalities such as inner child work, parts work, and Internal Family Systems (IFS), she supports individuals to navigate the unique contractions and expansions of their lives—helping them to birth into more whole, integrated, and embodied versions of themselves. She also serves as a channel for Oneness—the divine essence we all share—bringing through cosmic wisdom to aid individuals in their process of ascension and integration. Andrea teaches the metaphysics of inner child work and the greater cosmology of integration, exploring the fractal nature of the universe and the ways in which each of our individual processes of integration fit into the integration process of All-That-Is.And this week we dive into everything that Andrea is, does, and more as we connect over our common ground of healing through our spiritual awakenings, going rogue and exiting the systems we felt we were being held back bye, and trusting in the ability to use our channeling abilities to help intuitively guide ourselves and the clients we get to work with.This was SUCH a powerful conversation about the reality of waking up and realizing that theres so much more we are meant for.Andrea is a wealth of embodied knowledge and experience and holds so much integrity and love for the work she gets to do. Click on the links below to connect with Andrea and the work that she offers.And as always please please please listen, subscribe, rate, and leave a review! Reach out in the DM's with any ah-ha moments!Links:Andreas Website Instagram hang out with us on Instagram @itsallhappeningpodcastFollow Molly on her personal page @mollyrasanenApply for the next round of EMBODIEDBook an energy healing sessionSubscribe to our Email List