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S03E27 - BigFootage [Explicit]
Apr 1 2024
S03E27 - BigFootage [Explicit]
[This episode contains some adult language.] This is the story of the search for Bigfoot as conducted by the NORTH AMERICAN WILDLIFE RESEARCH CENTER. (Which sounds a lot like the real Bigfoot research group North American Wildlife Research Team that famously setup the only permanent Bigfoot trap maintained by the national park service.) But while a lot of the stuff in this film sounds real - the whole thing is made up. The IMDB page gives you the details on the cast. A very good widescreen version of the movie is available streaming on Amazon. (Affiliate Link) The film follows a team of investigators who travel for months into British Columbia on horseback to find the secret valley of the Bigfoot where they will radio-tag a creature for study. Along the way they will tell Bigfoot stories and watch stock nature footage play out to a Jaws-derivative soundtrack.  If that sound sketchy, keep in mind their whole trip was planned by computer. The computer even gave them a sketch of what they should be looking for! The party of adventurers heads off into the wilderness. They will encounter many shadowy creatures along the way. They will try to out-science Bigfoot. Good luck with that. This is a historically significant film in some ways - and has led to some interesting research which will be discussed in a near-future episode of the regular show. I'm still digging. I included a brief snippet from the Eddie Murphy Biopic Dolemite Is My Name, which tells the story of Rudy Ray Moore. I loved this movie and recommend the biopic which is streaming on Netflix. (That's *not* an affiliate link - but you will need a Netflix account to watch it.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit