276A - TheUnbearable Weight of Massive Talent

For the Love of Cinema

May 3 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

NIC CAGE!  In all his 90's glory is back!

0:05:45 - Box Office and upcoming releases.

0:20:10 *** What's Streaming  *** AMAZON

THE BOONDOCK SANTS, Dir. Troy Duffy – Willem DaFoe, Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus. 1999

GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM, Dir. Barry Levinson – Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker. 1987

THE TERMINATOR, Dir. James Cameron – Arnold Schwarzengger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Lance Henricksen, Paul Winfield. 1984

0:22:15 - Trailers - CHIP 'N' DALE: RESCUE RANGERS / NIGHT SKY / GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE   0:29:30 - THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT, Dir. Tom Gormican (Gray 8 / Roger 6.5 / Chris 8.5 )

Hosted, produced and mixed by Grayson Maxwell and Roger Stillion. Music by Chad Wall.  Guess appearance by Christopher Boughan Quality Assurance by Anthony Emmett.

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