The Succulent Podcast

Amy Stephenson-Yankuba

Succulent Theatre brings you 'The Succulent Podcast' - the recorded musings of the all-female theatre company at the precipice of the burgeoning autobiographical theatre revolution.

Creating theatre from their own lives, running a business and trying to educate the next generation on loving themselves are not easy things to juggle, but they're managing it.

Each episode, they're tasked with plucking stories from deep within their respective minds...

All around a randomly generated topic or theme that they don't get to pick - guaranteeing some new, exciting and surprising tales every single episode. Ooh, exciting.

Expert storytellers, entertainers and chronically strange life-havers, the Succulent Theatre girls completely rip the lid off the kind of things most people wouldn't dare to utter.

Expect embarrasingly toe-curling, vomit-inducing shaggy-dog stories, unbridled cackling and some deep, deep chats, homies.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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