Effortless Millionaire

Richard Saupe

Have you ever wondered how some people get rich, stay rich & are happy in the process... come with me on a journey that will change the direction of your life.

I started off broke... with more month than money!

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul... just like most of you, we all go through this cycle. Over spending one minute & cutting our cloth the next "being tight as a ducks arse" a saying from one of my mentors, not mine and no idea how he knew :)

I know people who make money effortlessly one month & can attract loads of raving fans, only to over spend and not deliver.

my first lesson "spend less than you earn & invest the difference" & Don't spend the pennies before they're accounted for"

Lesson 2, Don't listen to people who are not where you want to be... everyone has advice but not everyone can back it up!

Lesson 3, Dream Big, nothing is impossible!!!

Lesson 4, Mastermind & Teamwork makes the dream work.

Lesson 5, Work for profit not for an hours pay...

Lesson 6, Plans & Focus

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