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Petrol Prices - Modi's BJP is Congress on Steroids
Aug 2 2021
Petrol Prices - Modi's BJP is Congress on Steroids
When it comes to petrol price hikes, both BJP and Congress, including other opposition parties are accusing each other that one is worse than the other when it comes to taxation on fuel prices. It is obvious to an observant citizen that both parties are guilty of over-taxation. Many of the state governments are too burdening their citizens with excessive taxation on petrol and diesel.   Then, why does Modi get the blame for sky-high fuel prices and not the states? That’s because his back-breaking tax increases are unprecedented. Modi has raised fuel taxes over twelve times in the last few years.   Modi’s tax loot has done immense damage to the country because fuel is the lifeline of all economic activity. Citizens are getting hammered on one side by the state governments and the other side by the central government. We the people are being used as cash cows that can be milked with no end. ---- Disclaimer: The video/Audio is a professional critic backed with immense research and analysis meant to spur only a civil dialogue to further strengthen the democratic spirit in our country. It is not our intention to attack an individual or body of individuals for the person(s) he/she/they is/are but to exercise the freedom of speech and expression as enshrined in the Consitution of India, through healthy criticisms of democratic institutions and government machinery. The reasonings, explanations, and informed opinions in the video are molded out of the factual circumstances as expounded by various media sources, academic/scientific journals, survey reports, press releases, etc. We do not claim any liability for the authenticity of the facts stated by various external sources that have been cited.