Neha Verma

Miss Conduct: A True Crime Podcast

May 18 2022 • 49 mins

In 2013, Neha Verma was convicted of killing 3 women from the same family, in cold blood. She was sentenced to death.

Neha was a beautician who lived in Indore and befriended one of the women in the family. On 19th June 2011, she plotted and successfully killed these 3 women for… well, money. Turns out money is a great motivator to do terrible things.

The victims were Ashlesha Deshpande (aged 21), her mother Megha Deshpande (aged 42) and Megha’s mother i.e. Ashleesha’s grandmother Rohini Phadke (aged 70).

Neha however had company. She had two lackeys with her, Rahul Choudhury and Manoj Atodh, who helped her commit these crimes. The trio killed the women with no mercy and then looted their home. They also made off with Rs 1.5 lakh in cash, ornaments worth Rs 5 lakh and two ATM cards belonging to the victims.

Within a few days, all 3 were arrested. Why? Because they left a trail of very easily avoidable clues for the police to pick up.

This case took Indore by storm, which (for some reason) was considered to be a sleepy little town where such stories just didn’t come up that often. It is also considered one of those police success stories in Indore, where meticulous investigation helped track down the criminals.

At the time Neha was referred to by the media as a “criminal mastermind”. She was seen as someone who plotted the whole thing carefully, hired the right people to execute it for her, and even figured out a way to gain the victims’ trust.

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