Sonu Punjaban

Miss Conduct: A True Crime Podcast

Jun 15 2022 • 39 mins

This episode is about Sonu Punjaban. It is a depressing episode. Good luck with it.

Sonu Punjaban is an Indian sex trafficker who was convicted and sentenced for trafficking a minor. She was sentenced to 24 years, with a very low likelihood of being let go for good behavior.

Sonu is also known as Geeta Arora. She was alleged to be a kingpin of the sex trafficking trade of Delhi and the NCR region for many years.

It is also alleged that her clients included high-profile businessmen, and to a certain extent, the Delhi police looked away or didn’t interfere. She also employed a large list of henchmen, whose jobs included protecting these women and escorting them to places like Kolkata, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Punjab.

Sonu was arrested in 2007 under suspicion of contravention of the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act. But in a few weeks, she received bail and was set free.

She was arrested again in 2008 for a similar offense, and set free again.

She was arrested again in 2011… and guess what happened? She was let go again.

In 2017, her last arrest was for the trafficking, drugging, torture and abuse of a minor girl. For this, she was finally convicted and jailed for 24 years in Tihar jail, in Delhi.

In July 2020, Sonu was convicted under various provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 or the POSCO. She was found guilty of administering drugs forcefully to a minor girl, selling her for sexual exploitation, and keeping her locked up and torturing her ruthlessly.

When informed of her sentence, Sonu attempted suicide while still in Tihar jail, just hours after the conviction. She was rescued, hospitalised, and eventually shifted back to jail to spend the rest of her sentence.

In the words of the judge that sentenced her – “The shameful deeds of Sonu Punjaban deprives her of any leniency from the courts.”

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