Episode 38: Why are you scared to switch to EMDR intensives?

Future Template Parent Podcast | EMDR intensive tips for EMDR therapists

Feb 21 2024 • 24 mins

Welcome back for another episode of the Future Template Parent Podcast! I am your host, Carolyn Solo. Today's episode is all about confronting head on one of the mindset traps that can keep therapists from switching to offering EMDR intensives in their practice - the fear that their clients will leave when they announce this change.

Topics covered:

  • Fear of change and hard conversations
  • Fear of terminating clients
  • Feeling incompetent
  • Fear of marketing intensives
  • My personal experience of switching to intensives in my practice
  • Client response to offering intensives .

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“Like my heart was racing and I couldn't get it to stop. I knew things were not good. So I decided to take a month off from seeing clients. I needed something, I needed time to think about what needed to shift. I needed a break.” - Caroyln