Episode 48: Money Mindset Traps for EMDR Intensive Therapists

Future Template Parent Podcast | EMDR intensive tips for EMDR therapists

May 1 2024 • 33 mins

Welcome back for another episode of the Future Template Parent Podcast! I am your host, Carolyn Solo. Today's episode will discuss something that I see EMDR therapists confronting all the time: their own limiting beliefs about money and how that impacts their income. These beliefs get in the way of so many therapists who are trying to create a fee structure that's supportive of their financial needs, goals, and desires

Topics covered:

  • The role of therapists in making services accessible
  • Dealing with judgement from others
  • The value of wealth and comfort
  • My journey to charging 5k for intensives
  • Being able to take time off due to this structure

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“I often hear that wanting to be wealthy is bad. Right? Rich people are bad. They're evil, inherently evil. First of all, it's highly unlikely that in your private practice that you're going to become a millionaire. Sorry. We're not talking about that kind of money” - Caroyln