Episode 40: When You Get Called Out Online - And How to Deal

Future Template Parent Podcast | EMDR intensive tips for EMDR therapists

Mar 6 2024 • 25 mins

Welcome back for another episode of the Future Template Parent Podcast! I am your host, Carolyn Solo. Today's episode is all about charging significant money for a high-ticket service and getting called out in the online space for doing just that. I tell you about what happened to me, why i think we are so afraid of this happening to us as therapists in the online space, how I dealt with this experience, and my recommendations for you on how to handle this situation.

Topics covered:

  • Fear of being called out
  • Personal experience of being called out
  • The importance of charging sustainable fees
  • Avoiding resentment towards clients
  • Challenging traditional model of client care
  • Raising fees to benefit the profession as a whole

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“it's so important to stay grounded in that and not just sort of focus on the fear that we have that other people are going to say these awful things about us that aren't true. ” - Carolyn