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Ep. 19 - October 13, 2023
Oct 16 2023
Ep. 19 - October 13, 2023
arXiv research summaries for Computation and Language from October 13, 2023. You can find summaries and links to each article here.Guiding AMR Parsing with Reverse Graph Linearization [PDF]by Bofei Gao, Liang Chen, Peiyi Wang, Zhifang Sui, Baobao ChangRetrieval-Generation Alignment for End-to-End Task-Oriented Dialogue System [PDF]by Weizhou Shen, Yingqi Gao, Canbin Huang, Fanqi Wan, Xiaojun Quan, Wei BiInstructTODS: Large Language Models for End-to-End Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems [PDF]by Willy Chung, Samuel Cahyawijaya, Bryan Wilie, Holy Lovenia, Pascale FungPerturbScore: Connecting Discrete and Continuous Perturbations in NLP [PDF]by Linyang Li, Ke Ren, Yunfan Shao, Pengyu Wang, Xipeng QiuExploration with Principles for Diverse AI Supervision [PDF]by Hao Liu, Matei Zaharia, Pieter AbbeelSeqXGPT: Sentence-Level AI-Generated Text Detection [PDF]by Pengyu Wang, Linyang Li, Ke Ren, Botian Jiang, Dong Zhang, Xipeng QiuHuman-in-the-loop Machine Translation with Large Language Model [PDF]by Xinyi Yang, Runzhe Zhan, Derek F. Wong, Junchao Wu, Lidia S. ChaoTowards Informative Few-Shot Prompt with Maximum Information Gain for In-Context Learning [PDF]by Hongfu Liu, Ye WangMulti-level Adaptive Contrastive Learning for Knowledge Internalization in Dialogue Generation [PDF]by Chenxu Yang, Zheng Lin, Lanrui Wang, Chong Tian, Liang Pang, Jiangnan Li, Yanan Cao, Weiping WangCAMELL: Confidence-based Acquisition Model for Efficient Self-supervised Active Learning with Label Validation [PDF]by Carel van Niekerk, Christian Geishauser, Michael Heck, Shutong Feng, Hsien-chin Lin, Nurul Lubis, Benjamin Ruppik, Renato Vukovic, Milica GašićTextual Analysis of ICALEPCS and IPAC Conference Proceedings: Revealing Research Trends, Topics, and Collaborations for Future Insights and Advanced Search [PDF]by Antonin Sulc, Annika Eichler, Tim WilksenxDial-Eval: A Multilingual Open-Domain Dialogue Evaluation Benchmark [PDF]by Chen Zhang, Luis Fernando D'Haro, Chengguang Tang, Ke Shi, Guohua Tang, Haizhou LiTowards Example-Based NMT with Multi-Levenshtein Transformers [PDF]by Maxime Bouthors, Josep Crego, François YvonChatKBQA: A Generate-then-Retrieve Framework for Knowledge Base Question Answering with Fine-tuned Large Language Models [PDF]by Haoran Luo, Haihong E, Zichen Tang, Shiyao Peng, Yikai Guo, Wentai Zhang, Chenghao Ma, Guanting Dong, Meina Song, Wei LinDont Add, dont Miss: Effective Content Preserving Generation from Pre-Selected Text Spans [PDF]by Aviv Slobodkin, Avi Caciularu, Eran Hirsch, Ido DaganMM-BigBench: Evaluating Multimodal Models on Multimodal Content Comprehension Tasks [PDF]by Xiaocui Yang, Wenfang Wu, Shi Feng, Ming Wang, Daling Wang, Yang Li, Qi Sun, Yifei Zhang, Xiaoming Fu, Soujanya PoriaKCTS: Knowledge-Constrained Tree Search Decoding with Token-Level Hallucination Detection [PDF]by Sehyun Choi, Tianqing Fang, Zhaowei Wang, Yangqiu SongDialect Transfer for Swiss German Speech Translation [PDF]by Claudio Paonessa, Yanick Schraner, Jan Deriu, Manuela Hürlimann, Manfred Vogel, Mark CieliebakQilin-Med: Multi-stage Knowledge Injection Advanced Medical Large Language Model [PDF]by Qichen Ye, Junling Liu, Dading Chong, Peilin Zhou, Yining Hua, Andrew LiuGLoRE: Evaluating Logical Reasoning of Large Language Models [PDF]by Hanmeng liu, Zhiyang Teng, Ruoxi Ning, Jian Liu, Qiji Zhou, Yue ZhangA Frustratingly Easy Plug-and-Play Detection-and-Reasoning Module for Chinese Spelling Check [PDF]by Haojing Huang, Jingheng Ye, Qingyu Zhou, Yinghui Li, Yangning Li, Feng Zhou, Hai-Tao ZhengPuoBERTa: Training and evaluation of a curated language model for Setswana [PDF]by Vukosi Marivate, Moseli Mots'Oehli, Valencia Wagner, Richard Lastrucci, Isheanesu DzingiraiBibRank: Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Platform Using~Metadata [PDF]by Abdelrhman Eldallal, Eduard BarbuDeveloping a Natural Language Understanding Model to Characterize Cable News Bias [PDF]by Seth P. Benson, Iain J. CruickshankExplore-Instruct: Enhancing Domain-Specific Instruction Coverage through Active Exploration [PDF]by Fanqi Wan, Xinting Huang, Tao Yang, Xiaojun Quan, Wei Bi, Shuming Shi"Kelly is a Warm Person, Joseph is a Role Model": Gender Biases in LLM-Generated Reference Letters [PDF]by Yixin Wan, George Pu, Jiao Sun, Aparna Garimella, Kai-Wei Chang, Nanyun PengAutomated Claim Matching with Large Language Models: Empowering Fact-Checkers in the Fight Against Misinformation [PDF]by Eun Cheol Choi, Emilio FerraraBanglaNLP at BLP-2023 Task 2: Benchmarking different Transformer Models for Sentiment Analysis of Bangla Social Media Posts [PDF]by Saumajit Saha, Albert NandaPrecedent-Enhanced Legal Judgment Prediction with LLM and Domain-Model Collaboration [PDF]by Yiquan Wu, Siying Zhou, Yifei Liu, Weiming Lu, Xiaozhong Liu, Yating Zhang, Changlong Sun, Fei Wu, Kun KuangPolitical claim identification and categorization in a multilingual setting: First experiments [PDF]by Urs Zaberer, Sebastian Padó, Gabriella LapesaTable-GPT: Table-tuned GPT for Diverse Table Tasks [PDF]by Peng Li, Yeye He, Dror Yashar, Weiwei Cui, Song Ge, Haidong Zhang, Danielle Rifinski Fainman, Dongmei Zhang, Surajit ChaudhuriPromptRE: Weakly-Supervised Document-Level Relation Extraction via Prompting-Based Data Programming [PDF]by Chufan Gao, Xulin Fan, Jimeng Sun, Xuan Wang This is a public episode. 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