The Future of The Legal Profession and AI: Call My Lawyer! – LIVE May 29, 2024

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now

Jun 4 2024 • 52 mins

Welcome to Technology Revolution: The Future of Now, where we’ll explore The Legal Profession and AI, a futuristic wow

With Bonnie D. your host and guide, her Scarlett mic by her side

In the Legal Services realm, AI takes its cue, a sage companion steering purpose new, insights refined as data aligns and blends, envisioned by Futurists whose savvy transcends

Noah Fiedler, Patrick Olmstead, Daniel Siegel, Clare Roubion, and David Ries, too

Join Bonnie D. to share predictions with you

Watch or listen, it’s your choice, as we lend The Future of Legal Services and AI our very human voice