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Australian Freedom Movement google box! SOS and Sandee have been observing the Australian Freedom Movement since it's Covid-era inception and in these episodes share their observations and analysis of a movement that has swept the world, looking at how it has affected Australia specifically. Delve into the world of anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, Sovereign Citizens (yes, we know that is an oxymoron) and politics and learn about the movement of influencers, grifters and characters. All put together with clips and commentary for your enjoyment and curiosity! You can also find us at The Conditional Release Program Podcast. Things are about to get weird, jump into the rabbit hole with us!

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SPECIAL EPISODE: Angels pushing back the dark, with Flikka.
Dec 17 2023
SPECIAL EPISODE: Angels pushing back the dark, with Flikka.
On this special episode of Tinfoil Tales, SOS and Sandee are joined by co-founder of Rainbow Community Angels, Flikka, to discuss what happened at Shepparton Library when their Drag Queen Storytime was targeted by members of the freedom movement, subsequently causing their event to be cancelled.Flikka opens up to SOS and Sandee about the efforts of the librarians and the Rainbow Community Angels to keep this event going despite the cancellation and speaks about why it is important to defend these events and why we can never allow them to be cancelled again. Flikka explains why the Rainbow Community Angels were formed with many members of the LGBTIQA+ community and their ally’s joining them to stand up for their rights.Flikka is an O.G. activist who has fought for the rights of the LGBTIQA+ community for decades, and this interview is worth listening to with an open heart and an open mind (even for those who are on the opposite side of the fence).You can find the Rainbow Community Angels here:websitehttps://www.rainbowcommunityangels.org.auFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/rainbowcommunityangelsFollow SOS and Sandee on Twitter/X at:https://twitter.com/SOS149https://twitter.com/sunnysandeelhttps://twitter.com/TinfoilTales_AUOur podcast episodes will always be free, but join our Patreon community for exclusive news, views, links, and to really go down the rabbit hole with us!https://www.patreon.com/TinfoilTales936Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):https://uppbeat.io/t/justin-lee/new-pathsLicense code: SVG2I9TBZMRDTZT4