The Magic and Madness of the Holidays

StrollerCoaster: A Parenting Podcast

Dec 12 2022 • 20 mins

Are the holidays stressing you out more than a trip to the store with 3 toddlers? In just 20 minutes, we'll take you away from the madness and into the magic. In this special holiday episode of StrollerCoaster we're gifting you tips from Rosemarie Truglio, a childhood development specialist at Sesame Workshop, on how to talk to your kids about the true meaning of the season without breaking the bank. Then you'll hear from journalist Vanessa McGrady about the time her daughter asked that dreaded question: "Is Santa real?" Her response will have you really believing in the magic of the holidays. So put down the wrapping paper and tape, and tune into StrollerCoaster: The Holiday Episode. Rosemarie has been shaping the creative storytelling of Sesame Street for 25 years. Vanessa is the author of Rock Needs River: A Memoir about a Very Open Adoption. It is available at any online or retail bookstore, and you can learn more at