111 Jim Cockrum - Building a business with Christ at the centre

The Rising Generation Leadership Podcast | Conversations with Influential Christian Leaders

30-05-2017 • 53 mins

Since the late 90’s Jim & his team have been on a mission to help entrepreneurs THRIVE by combining classic business truths with cutting edge creative online strategies.   They now boast over 1,000 documented success stories from entrepreneurs and businesses around the world, but they are just getting started!

Jim was ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of an independent watch dog service. His best selling book “Silent Sales Machine” has been read by an estimated 800,000 people around the world and is a consistent top 10 seller on Amazon in the Internet business category. You can get two free chapters here to see if it’s for you.

His business mission in life is to assist those who have an entrepreneurial heart and help them build sustainalbe income streams online. Because he believes online is where the most compelling business opportunities in the business world reside,  he focuses his study and business models on what he calls, “the most effective communication and relationship building tool ever given to mankind – the Internet.”

He doesn’t simply teach multiple income streams strategies – he lives it!  He’s been actively selling on Amazon & eBay (since 1997), a publishing company, a consulting company, two membership sites with tens of thousands of paid members at MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com and several other related income streams. Along with his two closest partners (Nathan Bailey & Brett Bartlett) Jim helps run a combined $25 million annual sales empire.

A large network of his former students turned partners & coaches are a part of the team of more than 70 people who, while all running successful businesses online themselves, also help coach others do the same (See JimCockrumCoaching.com). His 30,000 member free Facebook community actively and freely assist any online seller, author or entrepreneur with online business questions.