The Greener Grass — TTFA Premium

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Mar 30 2023 • 11 mins

When Ashley went through puberty, she knew her body. Or at least, she felt like she knew it. As an adult, Ashley undergoes an unexpected and rapid physical change, and she struggles with accepting her new body and all that comes with it. If you love the show, consider supporting us by becoming a TTFA Premium member!  Since 2016, we’ve been making space for stories that matter. Not just sad stories, but human stories. Life stories.  Since 2022, we’ve been an independent production in a sea of big fish with big budgets…and we want to keep it this way.  Listener support helps keep us going and growing, bringing the world a show that’s free for anyone who needs it, any time.  TTFA is going on tour! This spring, we’re traveling the country to tell you terrible (and funny) stories live. We love meeting our listeners, so check out the last few stops on our spring tour.  Friday, April 28 | Columbus, OH | Lincoln Theater Saturday, April 29 | Indianapolis IN | The Toby Sunday, April 30 | Cincinnati, OH | Woodward Theater Monday, May 1 | Ann Arbor, MI | The Ark Follow TTFA online! Instagram Facebook Our website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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