208 - The Warning

The Mistress Carrie Podcast

May 29 2024 • 31 mins

Episode #208 The Villarreal sisters Ale, Dani, and Pau make up The Warning, who are getting ready to release their 4th album Keep Me Fed on June 28th. They are also spending the year touring the world, with a stop in Boston in September! You've probably already heard their song SICK on the radio, it's everywhere! I talked to all 3 of the sisters about their musical upbringing, songwriting process, influences, women in Rock, why Mexican fans are such rabid Rock/Metal fans, their new album, and so much more! The ladies in The Warning are another example of amazing women who are taking their rightful place at the table, and driving Rock and Metal forward! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices