The Jonathan Tilley Podcast

Jonathan Tilley

How would it feel to have an aligned content strategy that vibes with you so you can post to Instagram with ease and with out overwhelm, network with with your dream clients effortlessly and even book work as a creative freelancer? It would feel pretty good right? But the bitter truth is Instagram probably feels more like a mine field that’s about to explode no matter what step you take so you just do nothing but scroll endlessly and overthink literally every move you make. Welcome to the Jonathan Tilley podcast where we bust Instagram myths, deliver the cold hard facts of what the truth really is about Instagram, have some real talk on what the problem actually is, and walk away with actionable steps to help build your brand on Instagram one day at a time. I’m Jonathan Tilley, a personal brand strategist that helps creative people shine online and share their talent with the world and it’s great to have you here. read less