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Can you help find ‘The Missing?’ Hosted by journalist Pandora Sykes, The Missing looks into the cases of the long-term missing and asks you, the listener, to help. Brought to you in association with charities Locate International and Missing People, every week we explore a different case, hear original interviews with family and friends, and ask the questions that need to be answered. Where did they go? What happened to them? And does anyone listening have any information? In the UK alone, a person is reported missing every 90 seconds. In this series, we ask you to become part of the search. With your help, some of these cases could be solved. The Missing is a What’s The Story podcast. To learn more or if you have information on any of the cases covered in the podcast, please visit read less

The Wembley Point Woman
The Wembley Point Woman
On the 29th of October, 2004, a woman was seen jumping from the window of the 21st floor of Wembley Point, London, England. She was wearing a maroon bomber zip-up jacket with fabric cuffs, a black leather glove on her right hand and a very thin black polo neck jumper. Over the top of this, she wore a claret crew neck jumper. She wore black tights, trousers and black Sketchers boots with a zip and buckle on the sides. She wore a stud in the right ear and a watch with a black strap and silver face. She wore two rings: one white/silver metal ring on her right index finger (conch shell design) and a silver ring on her left little finger. In her possession she had; £5.20 in cash, an oil painting, a Guardian newspaper dated 29.10.04, a black carrier bag with clear lettering CPNY (Central Park, New York), a black disposable lighter, a used packet of 10 Marlborough cigarettes, a bus pass valid 26.10.04 to 01.11.04 issued at Seven Sisters Road station, Tottenham, London at 07.07 am. Who was she? In this compelling episode, we dive into this unidentified body case. We work ‘alongside’ Locate as they try to determine the identity of ‘The Wembley Point Woman.’ And along the way we hear from key individuals about various fascinating pieces of the puzzle. Can we solve this mystery? If you have information on any of the cases covered in the podcast, please visit, where you can find contact information as well as contribute and discuss on the Locate International forum. The Missing is a Podimo podcast series hosted by Pandora Sykes. It is produced by What's The Story Sounds and made in association with investigation specialists Locate International and the charity Missing People. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit