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The Starbucks Boycott: How It Can Happen to Any Business
Apr 12 2024
The Starbucks Boycott: How It Can Happen to Any Business
Hi, hello, and welcome to Business Unfiltered™️ The Podcast! I'm Kristen Kubik, and I'm an inclusive marketing consultant and business compliance advisor, dedicated to inclusivity by giving a voice to the voiceless. Today, we're talking about a TikTok sensation: the Starbucks Boycott. Why did it start? Will it end? Most importantly, can it happen to YOU as a business owner? We examine the disconnect between Starbucks, their messaging, and their customers and why you need to give a sh*t. This is also something we talk about heavily in 6-Figure Messaging, so the link to the replays is below. Want to join 6-Figure Messaging? Grab the replays here: Wanna stick around? Hug that subscribe button! ---------- WORK WITH ME: ⁠⁠ SOCIAL: Instagram: kristenunfiltered TikTok: kristenunfiltered BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: ⁠ DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST: ⁠ VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: ---------- DISCLAIMERS: Business Unfiltered, LLC does not guarantee any results from using this content and is for educational purposes only. It is your responsibility to do your own research, consult, and obtain a professional for your medical, legal, financial, health or other help that you may need for your situation --- Support this podcast: