Episode 124: Empowering Women through World Ride and Old Town Outfitters

Murphology Podcast

Nov 11 2022 • 30 mins

This week meet Julie and Matt. Julie is the founder of a nonprofit organization called World Ride that works with women who are interested in learning how to mountain bike but might not have the resources to do so. World Ride works with local partners in various locations across the world. These partners help to recruit more women into the mountain biking community, assist in training guides and also employ certified guides. One of these partners is Matt, the founder of Old Town Outfitters, a top-rated outdoor adventure tour company in Guatemala. If you are listening to this episode in November or December of 2022, you can participate in the Murphology 200 Mile Winter Challenge if you need some inspiration to stay active once cold weather moves in. Here is the link: https://murphologypodcast.com/200-mile-winter-challenge, or just head over to the Murphology Podcast website and click the link in menu tab. www.world-ride.com www.adventureguatemala.com www.murphologypodcast.com https://murphologypodcast.com/200-mile-winter-challenge