Episode 132: Michael O'Brien's Cycling Crash Becomes His Last Bad Day

Murphology Podcast

Jan 27 2023 • 55 mins

Back in July of 2001, Michael experienced what he calls his ‘last bad day’, when he was hit head on by a motorist while riding his bike. This day changed his life, his outlook, and his identity. The road to recovery was a long one and there was a point when Michael realized he had to heal his mind if he wanted to get his body healed. That’s when he made the decision to call that terrible day back in July 2001 his last bad day. He has continued to live his life with this decision and today he is a leadership coach as well as a mindfulness and meditation teacher. He healed, he got back on the bike, and last year he rode his bike 3,600 miles across the United States, experiencing all that our country has to offer. He named this ride the Rise 2 Ripple Challenge and shared daily recaps that you can find on his website. www.michaelobrienshift.com www.murphologypodcast.com https://linktr.ee/Murphology Email me at murphologypodcast@gmail.com if you have a topic or the name of a cyclist you find interesting. Support my podcast at Patreon.com/Murphology and visit my Facebook and Instagram page for daily entertainment!