Episode 133: Favorite Bicycle Routes You Should Ride

Murphology Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 18 mins

I recently caught up with a few of my cycling friends and asked them about their favorite ride, or maybe a bucket list ride they want to make. So in this episode I will cover 4 great places worth checking out. From the Paul Bunyan Trail in Northern Minnesota, to Missouri and the Katy Trail, down to Florida to ride from Miami to Key West, and all the way to New Zealand! Thanks Kim, Tyler, Chris and Tommy for telling us about your favorites! Here are links to more info: Paul Bunyan Recap: https://soundcloud.com/murphology-podcast/episode-81-exploring-the-paul-bunyan-trail Katy Trail Recap: https://soundcloud.com/murphology-podcast/episode-120-murphs-katy-trail-recap Katy Trail Solo Adventure: https://soundcloud.com/murphology-podcast/episode-90-solo-female-bikepacker-pedals-the-katy-trail www.murphologypodcast.com https://linktr.ee/Murphology Email me at murphologypodcast@gmail.com if you have a topic or the name of a cyclist you find interesting. Support my podcast at Patreon.com/Murphology and visit my Facebook and Instagram page for daily entertainment!