Episode 123: Eria Sabiiti and the Iowa Gravel Gang

Murphology Podcast

Nov 5 2022 • 42 mins

This week meet Eria Sabiiti. He stumbled upon gravel by chance when he and his wife-to-be saw a poster for a bike race in their community. That race turned into quite the adventure, and both of them were hooked! He started a local club called the Iowa Gravel Gang and rides weekly on Iowa gravel roads. He also participates in some pretty epic races across the US like Rebecca’s Private Idaho and GravelWorlds in Nebraska. Eria explains why he loves gravel…it’s just you, the bicycle, and the road, with the simple sounds of gravel and the miles of wide open countryside. You can see his adventures on YouTube as well as Instagram under the name iowagravelgang. If you are listening to this episode in October of 2022, you can participate in the Murphology 200 Mile Winter Challenge if you need some inspiration to stay active once cold weather moves in. Here is the link: https://murphologypodcast.com/200-mile-winter-challenge, or just head over to the Murphology Podcast website and click the link in menu tab. Iowa Gravel Gang YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbIuX9LyF2y7aV2VQVoVGg https://murphologypodcast.com/200-mile-winter-challenge www.murphologypodcast.com