My Top 3 Paid Trading Tools and How They Work

Stock Market Options Trading

29-08-2022 • 21 mins

Are paid trading tools worth it? Do they really help? Will you really use it?

I'm sharing my top 3 paid trading tools in this episode to shed some light on how I use paid trading tools in the context of my SPX trading business.

I discuss these tools in order of my trading process, not necessarily in the order of best tool. If you are looking at a new trading tool, you need to see where the tool will fit in your trading process or you'll probably not use it and will waste your money.

Here are the tools discussed in this episode and how I use them in my trading:

Spot Gamma for options insight on the stock market as well as individual stocks:

SPX Weekly Options Blueprint for finding high probability intraday turning points on SPX:

Here's a video of how the SPX Weekly Options Blueprint can be used:

Tradytics for real time market analysis using options flow:

Note: This Tradytics link is a referral link in which I get a small credit for those who use it.

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