Aligning to the Vital Force Within, a NonDual Meditation and Biofield Tuning with Holly Erin Copeland on EWN

Enlightened World Network

Apr 7 2023 • 39 mins

Join Holly Erin Copeland for a guided subtle energy meditation and biofield tuning to activate, heal and align with the vital forces within. This special session will focus on DNA healing and repair with the 512 Hz fork! Explore an Aligning to the Vital Force Within Meditation and Biofield Tuning on EWN's show, A Meditation a Day. Holly Erin Copeland Please set the intention to receive then relax and enjoy! Enlightened World Network is your guide to inspirational online programs about the spiritual divinity, angels, energy work, chakras, past lives, or soul. Learn about spiritually transformative authors, musicians and healers. From motivational learning to inner guidance, you will find the best program for you. Check out our website featuring over 200 spirit-inspired lightworkers specializing in meditation, energy work and angel channeling Enjoy inspirational and educational shows at To sign up for a newsletter to stay up on EWN programs and events, sign up here: Listen to Enlightened World Network on Apple Podcast ( Google Podcast ( Spotify ( Amazon Music ( Link to EWN’s disclaimer: #spiritualwellbeing #Divineguidance #Angelicguidance #Spiritualcommunity #archangels