Ep #42 - Behind the Warrior - Finding Purpose with EOD AF Veteran, Justin Hamilton

Behind the Warrior

Jun 1 2021 • 36 mins

In this episode, Justin talks about his time as an Air Force EOD technician, civilian contracting, a journey to find purpose and helping military families.  He openly shares his story and hopes to inspire those who may be feeling a bit lost after the military. Justin is successful in the mortgage lending industry and speaks about integrity and ethics as he assists military members and their families through one of the most crucial purchases of their lives.  We talked about the deep connection he feels for the EOD  community and why he is committed to helping others. Enjoy!


Bunker Labs - www.bunkerlabs.org - Bunker Labs exists to empower the military-connected community to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Justin Hamilton - The Federal Savings Bank -  815-908-9363 - justin@eodhomebuying.com


Children's book: Bluebell & the Runaway Balloon by RH Value Publishing

Abraham Lincoln by Carl Sandburg

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