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Yarmouk, and the future for Palestinians in Syria
Jul 25 2022
Yarmouk, and the future for Palestinians in Syria
Established in 1957 as an accommodation for families who were expelled from their homes during the 1948 Nakba, al-Yarmouk camp is considered the capital of the Palestinian diaspora as well as a symbol of resistance to Israel and was home to most Palestinian political parties’ headquarters.  Yarmouk’s population reached more than 200,000 Palestinians in the early 2010s and was the vibrant home to many cultural and youth centers, as well as economic, political, and social organizations.Almost all of its residents have fled Yarmouk, located in the district of Damascus, since the beginning of the war more than ten years ago. The area is now mostly bombed out, after clashes between the Syrian government forces and the rebels, a siege, and ISIS occupation. They fled to other parts of Syria or to neighbouring countries and have lost their livelihood or financial means. As they try to overcome the layered obstacles of being Palestinian and refugees from Syria, they wait for the reconstruction of their homes. But the questions remain: when and how?Human Rights Magazine is produced by The Upstream Journal magazine. The host, Derek MacCuish, is editor of both. If you agree that informed reporting on human rights and social justice issues is important, your support would be welcome. Please rate the podcast wherever you listen to it, and tell your friends about episodes that you find interesting. Why not consider making a financial contribution to help us cover costs?  You are always welcome to email with your comments.Support the Show.