Does Keto Improve My Skin

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Mar 22 2021 • 4 mins

Does Keto Improve My Skin? ( The keto diet is known for weight loss. But, for people with skin problems, they may be pleasantly surprised by what keto does. Skin is a big topic and it covers everything. (Ok, bad joke).   If you have smooth, creamy skin already, then maybe not.  If you are asking this question, you probably have SOME kind of issue with your skin. I have skin problems, IF I EAT WRONG!  I don’t have skin problems when I eat what is good for me. So I can tell you first hand that if you have skin problems it will help. If you think skin problems magically appear for no reason, why?  If normal, average skin doesn’t have problems and yours does, then something is different in you.  It comes down to this: Does Keto Improve My Skin?  Every person has different genetics. Growing up, my wife’s sister had really bad skin as a teenager into her young adult years. My wife didn’t. They ate pretty much the same diet.  Her sister fixed her skin by going on a raw vegetarian diet. Completed cleared up in a couple of months. What does keto have to do with a raw vegetarian diet? They both cut out the bad carbs and the bad fats. Plus, there were probably some foods her body couldn’t handle for genetic reasons.  The Point Is... You have to do the diet to see if it helps.  Hint: It almost always does.  There is a thing called Keto Rash. Some people experience this on keto and my advice is the same. Staying on keto, try changing what you eat within the diet. Try a different oil. You might be allergic to coconut oil and not know it. There might be a seafood that affects you. It can be anything. I get Psoriasis if I eat dried Mango!   So to answer the question, does keto improve my skin? Yes, if you make sure there is nothing in your diet that you are ‘allergic’ to. And that’s trial and error, plus keeping a food diary. “I ate an egg for breakfast: 8 am”   Next entry, “Noon: feel funny. Egg didn’t seem to digest well” You start to see patterns, but you have to be looking for them. Start a food diary and you will start to see which foods work for you and which ones don’t. And yes, skin problems is a good indicator that food may not be for you. If you like these tips and would like to get more keto tips, endless recipes, and lots of inspiration, then come to our free website and sign up for our mailing list. ( . Act! Don’t React! Have a Happy, Healthy Day Livtar

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