Always Have These Keto Foods In The House

Rock That Keto

Feb 20 2021 • 4 mins

Always Have These Keto Foods In The House ( There is something that is true everywhere in life. Your environments will have a big effect on you.  When you are trying to change your habits, it is always recommended to change the environments that got you into the bad habits. If you are trying to stop taking drugs, then you probably want to start spending time with people who don’t take drugs. If you are trying to stop smoking, then don’t hang around smokers. But if you are trying to change the way you eat, you might be having the enemy living right in your house with you….in your kitchen! When you open your refrigerator, is it filled with temptation? Or is it filled only with foods that will support your low carb diet? Your kitchen must be 100% support for you. Anywhere you look in your kitchen, you should see support. So try to Always Have These Keto Foods In The House 1. Precooked protein.   Ground meat is great,  and can be thrown in Tacos.    Grilled chicken strips can be used in a huge variety of  dishes, including throwing it on top of a salad.  You can add it to a quick veggie stir fry with the chopped veggies you made earlier. More on that in a minute. 2. Grass Fed butter - filled with CLA/s fatty acid.  bone health.  Butter has so many benefits, we did a whole podcast on it. Also Heavy Whipping Cream.  You can make sauces, use it in recipes and do whipped cream with berries as a dessert. Whipping cream in your coffee to replace milk is a match made in energy heaven. 3.  Avocado.   Ok, Avocados don’t go in the fridge until they are ripe. But 3/4 of the content of avocado is fat. Avocado is a perfect grab snack, but works really well as the center of a dish.  You can add them to smoothies or make guacamole of course. You can put a fried egg in the scooped out spot. Store them in the fridge. They can be frozen, if you scoop them out of the peel first. 4. Eggs.   Use them in baking, as snacks, or for breakfast.  They can be made fast and easy if you are in need. You can keep some already boiled for emergency or pre planned snacks. They are a complete protein.  5. Bacon.  I heard somewhere that people really like bacon. In addition to eating it as part of your meal, you can add it to all kinds of dishes to spice up the flavors. You can also keep the grease to add to other cooked foods.  Let’s face it, everything is better with bacon.  6. Chopped Veggies.  Get all the washing, slicing, chopping, done ahead of time. The thought of all the prep that veggies take can be a mental block when you go to make a meal. If they are all done ahead of time, it let's you be creative in the moment, instead of feeling dread to go through the whole process.  Cauliflower, onion, bell pepper, celery, broccolli are all great for prepping ahead of time.  Keep it in containers, ready to grab. It makes for easy snacking,  and to make snacks as the kids run out the door. 7.  Leafy green Vegetables. Spring Mix. Spinach.  Get the pre washed ones so you can grab and go.  They go great in a smoothie. Swiss Chard is my favorite, and it saute's well with butter.  8. Blueberries.  These are one of the few fruits that work with keto. They go great  added in with desserts. Also they make great smoothies. Don't wash them ahead of time because they may get moldy. Do have an easy system to wash the ones you are going to eat. Have the strainer or colander handy.  That’s it for today. If you Always Have These Keto Foods In The House, you will have maximum support and minimum temptation to overcome. It will help a lot! If you like these tips and would like to get more keto tips, endless...

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