Sarah Drew: Actress on Grey's Anatomy

Navigating Hollywood

21-03-2021 • 54 mins

Sarah Drew from Grey’s Anatomy talks about her career, the definition of success in Hollywood, her roles on Madmen, Everwood, and Glee, the advice Ed Harris gave to her when she was filming her first movie, what grounds her in the ups and downs of Hollywood, and more in this candid and inspiring conversation.

Sarah Drew’s first job was providing the voice role of “Stacy Rowe” on the animated series, Daria, when Drew was still in high school. Beginning in 2004, she was a featured cast member on the western series, Everwood. After having minor roles in the series, Private Practice and as “Kitty Romano” on Mad Men, Drew was cast in a recurring role as “Dr. April Kepner” on the acclaimed medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. Sarah has also had supporting roles in the films, Radio, and American Pastime, as well as a starring role in the comedy, Moms’ Night Out. A resident of Los Angeles, Sarah has two children and her husband is a professor.

Sarah comments about the pitfalls of social media. "We are not meant to have the kind of feedback that we get on social media. We're meant to get feedback from a small community of humans that we’re in a relationship with. We are not meant to hear four hundred thousand people's opinions of what you look like or how angry they are at you or whether they hate you or love you."

In talking about being successful, Sarah says, "I don't want to get swept away by trying to impress people or by getting the next gig so that I can be successful. I want to stay focused on loving people and being loved and that needs to be the core always. That needs to be the driving force any time I do a project. How do I love these characters? How do I love the audience through the telling of this story? So my letter to my 20-year-old self would be, keep that fire alive, return to that truth and that ultimate vision and drive even if it has to become a practice but you must return to it. Otherwise, this industry will eat you alive and you will never feel like you're enough."

"What is success? Is success winning an Emmy? No. Is Success being a star of a television show? No. Actually, success is being seen, known, and loved and getting to offer that to other humans."


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