213. Introducing WEB8: New Podcast Name, New Era

WEB8: Weaving Our Reality

01-08-2022 • 13 mins

I’m so excited to introduce you to WEB8. It’s a whole new world for the sacred space that is the world of this podcast. The podcast has held me (and many listeners) through many metamorphosis and life shifts in the past 4 years. It’s a creation that is at the center of everything I do. In this episode, I share my journey and the creative process behind receiving and implementing the vision for WEB8.

Listening to the whisper to create this podcast in 2018 (even though my brain was afraid it was too late to start one), has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – for my soul, for my creativity, and for my business. The connections that have come to be as a result of the podcast’s existence have transformed my life. The conversations on their own are an anchor of growth in my life, and that would have been enough. But then there are all the ways it’s impacting listeners. The messages and reviews I get about how we’re walking our lives together, and how the podcast brings you right back into heart and truth, moves me deeply. I’m so grateful that this is what I get to do in my life.

The new name, new cover art and a massively expanded energetic container are my way to thank, honor and celebrate the podcast. There is so much beauty that is blossoming and rippling around the globe in every moment as a result of people tuning into the podcast, and receiving the codes behind the words.

Everything is the same, yet entirely different.

Why WEB8? It came in as a powerful download. I have yet to discover more dimensions of its meaning, but this is what’s been given to me so far.

“Web” playfully references the infinite web of life. It’s a reminder that you are the creator of your experience that came here on Earth to express your medicine. At the same time “web” is the Internet, the largest web humans have ever woven, and a powerful tool for connection and meaning – if you choose to view and use it as such. In a world where technology and the internet are largely viewed as a masculine concept, there’s a feminine, warm, inviting consciousness that wants to come through.

“8” references eternal life and eternal iteration of YOU in the world. Following what excites you, following your aliveness, and trusting change. One loop of the infinity symbol representing the inner technology of soul knowing, the other one representing the outer technology that is the internet.

WEB8 holds conversations that weave inner and outer technology as a vehicle for your soul’s expression in the world. The topics are very much in alignment with how we started: entrepreneurship, creativity and ritual in the digital age.

Welcome to the space where you weave a new world of soul led self expression, in a world of infinite possibility.  You are the creator of your own reality, expressing soul through your humanity. One not larger or more important than the other, but each one being an essential piece of the puzzle. The codes shared in this space are meant to catalyze presence and remembering in you – the listener, the guests, and myself.

May the frequencies you tap into on this podcast bring you into a state of peace, into a sense of truth, joy, playfulness and inner knowing.

You’re in the right place, at the right time, in the right body, here to lead the way.

This is WEB8, I am your host Ksenia, and this is the new era for this podcast.

Thank you for doing this life thing alongside me. Big things are unfolding and I’m so excited to you’re here with me.